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At Builder Display & Art our goal is to not only make a great stop for your community, but a fun place to make part of their routine.

New Constructions or Remodels

Whether you are starting from the ground up or just want an existing store facelift, Builder Display & Art has the expertise to solve the problem and get the job done. Our team of creative designers and detail-oriented craftsmen are committed to producing exciting environments that your customers will enjoy visiting on their day-to-day routine.


We use lightweight polyvinyl chloride(PVC) based material, a versatile alternative to costly constructed building components. This material is used for interior and exterior signs including wall panels, hanging displays, directional signs and icons.

Custom Design & Branding

We know that your store is unique. Our highly experienced team creates custom design solutions to ensure that you and your customers can share pleasant interactions. We aim to design compelling environments that engage the customer and are visually distinguishable. Check out Fuel Maxx or Smiley's for an example of some of our successfully branded stores.

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Exterior Signs

Put your name or logo on your storefront. Our installation team comes prepared with top of the line equipment and expert handling to ensure the install won't interfere with daily business.

Interior Signs

Interior signage is essential for navigation, allowing customers to have a quick and easy shopping experience. Our signs project towards the customer and are back-lit with LEDs to maximize visibility.

Back-lit LEDs

Signs/icons with warming back-lit LEDs draw the consumers attention. They create a focal point that can guide the customer towards the products they need. LED's are professionally installed by our electrical engineering team.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can help break up the monotony of bare white walls, and stimulate the customer creating an exciting and memorable experience.

Beer Caves

The Beer Cave is the first thing the customer sees whenever they enter the shop, and is a great way to drive more foot traffic through to the deeper corners. We design our beer caves to be eye-catching and inviting, offering the customer the coldest beers in town.

Window Clings

Easy installation, repositionable and completely customizable. Choose background, text and add a logo, at no additional cost.